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Financial ReviewExpat Financial Review - Money MOT

Many expats leave the UK with a legacy of pensions, investments, property and tax issues left behind. Many UK Banks and Insurers use calls centres meaning your call to Mumbai on a UK premier rate number from overseas costs a small fortune and then you get nowhere.

We do all this for you.  Our Expat Wealth Management Service, we call it the Money MOT is designed for you:

  • One central contact point with us - we deal with all your pensions and investments
  • Expat Financial Advice on a regular basis on all your funds and pension both in the UK and Offshore
  • Expat tax advice as tax laws between UK and where you live change
  • Markets are volatile - pro-active advice when you need it ... not when it is too late
  • Regular updates
  • Easy contact via telephone, email, webcam or messenger
  • Secure advice reports in writing and in your mailbox in minutes
  • Out of hours contact to match your timezone
Our Money MOT service starts from £240 per year.  We are confident we can make you or save you that much or more over the comings years.
  • Not looked at your UK pension for a few years?  Up, down? How much did you lose?
  • Could your pension be transferred overseas to save tax?
  • UK property and buy to let mortgage? Is it still competitive? Are you paying too much?
  • Fed up with dealing with HMRC?  How much time did you lose sorting out your tax?
  • Paying too much tax in the UK? We could save you some money
  • Want to get the most out of pensions, investments and tax savings over the next few years as an expat.
We offer Expat financial reviews to suit all  ....  visit Need An Adviser's Main financial review pages for more details and choose a regular advice service to suit you or contact us.