Australia Expat Advice

Australia Expat AdviceExpat Investment, Pension, Tax for Australia.

We offer financial Advice to British expats moving to Australia.

Australia and the UK have a long standing and entwined connection.  From Australia's early days through to the 1960's British exodus on cheap emigration flights, through to more recent cross trade and financial services connections.

We offer advice to Australian nationals moving to the UK and also British Nationals heading out to Australia.

Financial Planning Needs Care:  Under the Australian Corporations Act only Australian registered companies can offer credit advice to residents.  This means that if you have a UK mortgage on a UK property you will find it nigh on impossible to remortgage your UK property whilst being Australian resident.

In addition, the Australian Government 'tore up' the tax treaty between the UK and Australia in connection with State Pension payments.  As a result, a British Pensioner living in Australia does not get the same inflation increases on their State Pension if they live in Australia.

What we have done:  We have liased with the UK regulator who is turn has dealt with the Australian financial regulator to confirm again that UK advice activities for an Australian resident are excluded from regulation in Australian law.

What this means? We offer expat advice from the UK for Australia on
  • UK Pensions
  • UK State Pensions
  • Leaving the UK for Tax
  • Leaving the UK for National Insurance
  • Leaving the UK for self assessment and rental income on an UK property
  • Offshore and Existing Investment
  • Offshore and Existing Pensions
  • QROPS and Pension Transfers to Australia
We will not arrange any non UK related investments or pensions when you live in Australia.  You will need to speak with a local adviser.  We can help you with this.

For Emigration and Expat Investment, Pension, Tax and Financial Advice for Australia, contact our team.