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Expat Advice.com is part of the Need An Adviser.com money sites network all owned by Need An Adviser Limited.  Need An Adviser is owned by husband and wife team Ashley Clark and Joanne Roberts.  Financial advice is processed by Ashley and Joanne's advice company, a full FSA authorised and insured independent financial adviser firm Roberts Clark IFS Limited.  We have won over 30 National Awards.
  • You Get Personal Advice - Big is NOT Beautiful (look at the bailed out banks):  We are a small, well run, family owned multi-award winning finance portal with a separate UK authorised independent financial adviser (IFA) firm.  We deal with you personally and will ALWAYS give you our surnames.
  • Treating Customers Fairly:  We treat you the way we want to be treated ourselves.   Yes, we have won awards but we too have people who try to 'rip us off'.  We are just a normal family business that will treat you the way we want to be treated ourselves when we buy goods and services.
  • Your bank balance, your salary, your plans are private, personal matters.  Do you really trust a commission About Expat Advicebased bank salesman to act in your interests or would you prefer an award winning independent adviser and only use them when you are satisfied you can trust them? 
  • Highly Qualified - Chartered Financial Planners - expert advice for you.  We are financial experts, we are true financial planners and amongst the highest qualified financial advisers in the UK.   We are not 'o' level/ 'a' level "failed" bank salespeople.
  • Unbiased: We are not linked to any one financial provider and offer our clients and users access to the best financial products not just biased "comparison lists" because a featured link pays a few pounds everytime you click on it.
  • Commission Discounts and Fixed Fees Expat Advice:  Huge commission discounts make your money work harder for you.

If you would like some more information about us contact our team today.