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Accessible Financial Solutions - Disability Discrimination

We believe there is no difference in the financial advice services needs and advice requirements of the sighted, partially sighted, unsighted, deaf, hearing impaired, wheelchair users or able bodied.  This is a fact that is sadly missed in much of the financial services industry.  We have made provision for accessible independent financial advice for people with: Sight difficultiesHearing difficulties and Physical difficulties

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  • Internet Explorer - press and hold the "ALT" key and the shortcut key together, release and then press "ENTER".
  • Mozilla/Netscape - press the "SHIFT", "ALT" and shortcut keys together and release.
Keyboard Shortcuts - Apple Macs:
  • Mozilla/Netscape - press the "Control" and then press the shortcuts key.
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Accessible Financial Solutions: Accessible Financial AdviceFor Sight Impaired, Colour Blindness and Dyslexia - Colour Options and High Visibility Option

This site  can be viewed in a high-visibility format that has been specifically designed to assist those who are sight impaired or suffer from word blindness or colour blindness.  You are able to switch between high-visibility (dark) and standard visibility (white) options at any time and in any part of the sites at the top of the page.
If you do not like our default colour scheme, we have other options as well as a high visibility option

Turn High-Visibility ON    Turn High-Visibility OFF

Your Browser Accessibility: This site can be viewed and has been tested on a wide range of internet browsers.  We have tested the pages of the site using the following more popular browsers:
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer Version 6, 7, 8, Netscape Navigator Version 9 and Mozilla FireFox 2.0 and 3.0

Large Text - All our downloadable guides are available in large text versions.

Audio - All our downloadable guides are available in spoken, audio format.

Binding Contract and Financial Applications - We have agreed standard procedures with many insurance, pension and investment companies on their requirements for accepting completed application forms from individuals with sight impairment.

Customers with Hearing Impairment

  • Email and Messenger - you can contact us using email and various messenger services such as skype, icq and netmeeting.   Contact us to request this service.
  • Typetalk - you can telephone us using Typetalk starting with prefix 18001 followed by our dedicated line 01543 672555.
  • RNID Interpreter - we can arrange for a RNID Interpreter to be present for face to face meetings free of charge.

Customers with Physical Difficulties - Accessible Offices

We have improved our offices to make access easier for all.  Our offices have also been designed with the following features:

  • Ground floor accessible private meeting rooms
  • Ground floor accessible washrooms
  • Wide doors
  • Level, laminate and hard floors for wheelchair access
  • Temporary ramp access
  • Power sockets and telephone sockets at waist height
  • Improved, meter tested, lighting

We can also travel and meet with you at home or work. For help with any of our web accessibility.

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