Expat Mortgages

Mortgage AdviceMortgage Advice - Expat mortgages for property in over 40 countries

  • Plus Expat mortgages if you are overseas but want to buy property in the UK.
Things to consider with an expat mortgage:
  • Local property laws differ
  • Expat estate agents and developers are desperate to sell you a property
  • Foreign Currency Expat Mortgages can be expensive if currency rates change
  • Mortgage types and mortgage terms differ for expats
  • Deposits tend to by higher outside the UK
  • Some local laws require you to put a non refundable deposit down
  • Some countries require you to put the deposit in an escrow account
  • Mortgage fees can be higher as are estate agents and legal fees when buying a property
Our professional advisers are here to help you secure the right mortgage for your expat needs, contact our advisers and receive expert mortgage advice.