UK Pension

UK PensionUK Pension - UK Expat Pensions: Many expats have pensions funds left in the UK

1. Expat UK Company Pension and Private Pension Options

a. Leave your pension in the UK - your UK pension can be managed with retirement and investment decisions advised on in the UK.

  • We are UK authorised pension advisers and can offer expat pension advice for you.  It is unlikely that an adviser in your country is authorised or qualified to give advice on your UK pension.
  • We will review your pension fund regularly and make investment fund recommendations for you.
  • By leaving your pension in the UK, it remains protected by the UK's pension protection and compensation funds.

b. Transfer UK Pension Overseas - to a QROPS or QNUPSProvided the expat pension scheme in the country that you live in (or if you prefer an offshore pension in say Guernsey or the Isle of Man), is approved by HMRC (UK Taxes Office) for overseas transfers you can transfer your pension overseas. 

  • Expat pension transfer advice is complex and care is needed here on local retirement laws, currency exchange and investor protection where the pension is transferred to.

2. Expat UK Civil Service Pensions, Armed Forces Pensions and other 'unfunded' UK government pensions.  These cannot be transferred overseas.

3. Expats and UK State Pensions - see Expat UK State Pension

4. Expat Retirement Overseas - see Expat Pension Annuity

5. Expats can still pay into UK pensions schemes up to £3,600pa

  • They still grow with all UK tax privileges
  • For the first 5 years of being outside the UK you even get tax relief on contributions even though you may be a non taxpayer in UK
  • Want to pay into a UK pension as an expat? Contact us.

6. Expat Pension Planning Advice Help:  With our help you can get pension advice on 

  • Pension planning before you leave the UK
  • Pension planning whilst you are overseas
  • Pension planning before you return to the UK
  • Pension planning if you will not return to the UK

For more information or advice on UK Pension. Contact Us.