Bank Accounts

Bank AccountsBank Accounts - Many people make the mistake of thinking expat bank accounts are easy to set up.

Things to watch with Expat Bank Accounts:

  • Cash ISAs in the UK and other tax free bank accounts may not be tax free where you live
  • Once you are an expat you may not be able to open any more UK bank accounts
  • Your UK bankers may even close your account
Investor Protection:
  • Bank account investor protection in the UK is strong
  • Investor protection in Europe is similar, but it is different and the levels of protection are different
  • Investor protection in offshore tax havens may not be as good as the UK or Europe
  • Some countries do not have investor protection
What is the investor protection for bank accounts where you live?
  • We offer expert bank account advice for expats. You need to make sure your bank account money is protected