Unregulated Expat Financial Advice

Unregulated Expat Financial AdviceUnregulated Expat Financial Advice

'Wild West Cowboys' jeopardise your expat financial advice

There are many countries, including major retirement areas of Europe where some areas of expat financial advice are unregulated and more like the 'old wild west'. 

Expat financial advisers in some countries are regulated and in others they are not. 
If you take advice from an expat adviser that is not regulated, you run the risk of being totally unprotected should the advice be negligent.
  • We are fully authorised Independent Financial Advisers in the UK
  • We are authorised and regulated in the UK by the Financial Services Authority
  • We have worldwide professional indemnity insurance to protect our clients, wherever they live
  • We fully disclose all fees and commissions before work is started. In many countries there is no requirement to tell you how much commission is being taken
  • We passport expat financial advice services into Europe under the EU Insurance Mediation Directive.  
  • We offer expat financial advice to British Expats only around the World
  • Advice is given from the UK, under UK rules with the protection of the UK regulator and our professional indemnity insurance
  • We have helped expat groups overseas, particularly in Spain, who have been miss-sold investments by unregulated advisers
Contact us to find out what expat advice help we can give you with based upon where you live.

Some countries such as Malaysia, Australia and New Zealand have special company laws to only allow advisers based in those countries to offer financial advice to residents even if you are an expat there.
There are exemptions that we use in these countries if the advice you need is for assets or investments outside those countries and in the UK. 

However, just because you have a mortgage in UK and now live in Australia and there is an exemption, it does not mean that you can then get a UK remortgage on your UK property.  Many UK banks and offshore banks will now not offer remortgages on any UK property just because you live in say Australia or New Zealand.

Read more about unregulated financial advisers and Legal Passporting of Financial Advice into Europe
Remember to be careful of unregulated expat financial advice, and stick to UK authorised advisers.