Expat Annuities

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What is an annuity?  Expat Pension Income for Life

  • When you retire your UK pension fund can pay a lump sum to you and the balance is normally used to buy a regular income for life called an annuity.
  • For information on options and types of annuity visit our www.annuityratesadvice.com website

Expat Annuity Abroad

  • We can search the whole annuity market to find the highest expat annuity pension income
  • Expats abroad can still convert a UK pension fund to an annuity in the UK
  • Not all pension companies can do this
  • Expats may have difficulty getting access to enhanced annuity rates (higher annuities if you are a smoker or have health problems) as access is needed to you medical records.  We can help and advise on this.
  • Not all annuity companies can pay your income overseas, it may be paid in sterling to a UK account.  We can help.
  • It may be better for you to transfer your pension overseas by QNUPS and QROPS for retirement flexibility if you do wish to buy an annuity.
Expat Annuity Taxation
  • Expat annuity income can be paid to you without tax deduction in the UK.  We set this up for you.
  • In some countries, all of the annuity income will be taxable locally
  • In some countries, only part of your annuity income may be taxable. We can advise you in this tricky area.  No one wishes to pay tax that they need not do.
Expat Lump Sum
  • Pension lump sums are paid in the UK usually tax free
  • Just because it was tax free in the UK, does not mean it is tax free where you are. We can advise you.

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