Work Overseas

Work OverseasWork Overseas - There are a number of key considerations if you work overseas or are planning to send your employees to work overseas.

1. General Expat Financial and Tax Planning:
See Leaving the UK

2. Work Overseas for a UK Company
Care needs to be exercised when expats work overseas for a UK based employer.

Rules for employee and employer national insurance, income tax rules and tax treaties differ depending upon how your contract is set up and where you work overseas based upon:
  • If work overseas is Secondment within Europe
  • If working permanently in Europe
  • If work overseas is Secondment outside Europe
  • If working Permanently outside Europe
3. Set Up Own Company Overseas

There are possible tax advantages for you and you may earn more, depending upon where you work overseas by
  • Becoming self employed in your country of work
  • Setting up a local limited company with you as a director and employee
  • Setting up an Offshore Company as a director and employee
Contact us for employment advice if you or your staff are going to work overseas.

We can also help you if you are:
  • Working overseas for an overseas employer
  • Working in UK for an overseas employer

For advice on work overseas contact our team.