Referral Service

Referral Service Referral Service - Are you a financial, legal or tax professional?

Looking for international tax answers or finance answers for your clients.  We can help you.
  • No doubt you are an expert in your field
  • None of us can be a master of all financial and tax planning areas
  • As a professional, you will understand when areas are outside your remit, just as we do
  • When we need legal advice we call a lawyer, when we need building regulations advice we call a surveyor etc

We are experts in cross border tax, investment and financial planning for individuals, companies and trusts

  • Increasingly, both yours and our clients are becoming internationally mobile
  • This is where we can help you and your clients behind the scenes or directly as you see fit

Referrals Service

By referring your clients to us, you are combining your own expertise with ours to ensure your client with international needs gets the best service and advice money can buy.

A professional tax and financial advice referal service for financial advisers, tax advisers, accountants, solicitors, trustees and other agents.

Introduce your clients to us and secure clients discounts on our usual fees in addition to the usual introduction terms for you.  Contact us.
For help with our referral service contact us.