Medical Insurance

Medical InsuranceMedical Insurance Advice:

  • If you are you still ‘ordinarily’ resident in the UK, after you have left, you may receive some NHS medical protection both in the UK and overseas
  • If you are an expat for a short period you may still have the benefit of NHS protection, and therefore may receive some reciprocal medical insurance within Europe.  This is normally subject to what citizens of that EU country are entitled to locally and may not be as complete as UK NHS cover
  • If you live or plan to live outside the EU, medical care in one country differ to others as do UK reciprocal medical insurance treaties with those countries.
  • You may not be entitled to any medical insurance protection whatsoever in the country you are moving to
  • Did you also know if you are a permanent resident overseas you are not entitled to free NHS medical care on your return visits to the UK? 
It is advisable if you are leaving the UK permanently to
  • Contact us for expat medical insurance advice from us